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As a parent, you’re rightfully concerned about the health of your children. However, a common aspect of health often overlooked by parents is your children’s oral health. It seems there’s a misconception between when to bring kids in to see Dr. Lynh Pham at Smiley Dental Broadway in Garland, Texas, and the best ways to help encourage them to brush and floss.

Let’s take a look at that issue and see if we can’t offer some helpful solutions.

When to bring them in

It’s recommended by every pediatric dentist and the American Dental Association to bring children to the dentist when their first tooth appears, or by the first birthday – whichever occurs first. This ensures that their teeth will grow in properly and healthily, and also instills in children from a very young age that the dentist’s office is a normal part of life, and not something to be scared of.

How to encourage good oral health at home

By bringing your kids to see Dr. Lynh Pham from an early age, you’ll make oral health an apparent – and important – part of life. If kids remember going to the dentist from the time they’re very little, they’re more apt to positively respond to encouragement to brush, floss, and keep their oral health in good standing.

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