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Did you know that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you? If you have a discolored smile, you’re likely aware of this, and how big an impact your smile has when making first impressions. From job interviews to dates, it pays to have a dazzling smile – but how can you get a beautiful, white smile that’ll improve your self-esteem?

The answer is pretty simple – teeth whitening procedures! But which ones should you choose? Our team here at Smiley Dental Broadway in Garland, Texas, put this post together to help answer that question.

Why professional whitening?

You can buy whitening kits over the counter from just about any grocery store in the country. So why bother with letting Dr. Lynh Pham work on whitening your teeth? Especially when it’s not always convenient to visit the dentist?

The biggest reason is that Dr. Lynh Pham has access to whitening products that are far superior to anything you’ll find for sale at a grocery store. This means the whitening process will be that much more effective when you use our services.

At-home whitening is a valid option if your teeth aren’t stained too deep, but if you want quick, effective results, then in-office whitening is the obvious choice.

If you’re ready to have the smile you’ve always dreamed of, call us today at 972.303.3600 to schedule your whitening appointment.