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Your baby’s teeth may have started appearing in front just recently. When your baby’s teeth start to appear, this is the key time to start their professional dental care. Dr. Lynh Pham and his associates are here to assist you with your child’s oral needs.

When your baby is first born, their oral care is still necessary. Clean their teeth after a few days of being born with a clean gauze or cloth. The front teeth tend to appear after about 6 months with their other teeth appearing under the gums. A cool spoon small enough or clean finger can soothe their gums as well as a teething ring for them to chew on.

Start a precise daily regimen when they are young, especially when their teeth start to grow close to one another. This includes not only a regular dental visit every 6 months but daily flossing and brushing soon after meals. This is key towards their smile, proper chewing, and speaking.

Your child’s dentist can determine their dental problems in regular visits. This may include any signs of tooth decay or cavities. Visit no later than when the first tooth appears or their first birthday to get a full assessment. Stopping poor habits such as thumb sucking and the proper dental care can be given by our dental professionals here at Smiley Dental Broadway.

Dr. Lynh Pham and his staff are excited to work with you and your child to get the best dental care for them. Call our office here in Garland, Texas, at 972.303.3600 to arrange an appointment or consultation today!